Teen Drivers Education

Louisiana Statute requires that anyone 15 - 17 years of age who desires a drivers license to take a "38 Hour Course", which includes 30 hours of class and 8 hours of behind the wheel training.

At Ready 2 Roll Driving Academy, our initial classroom training involves establishing that a driver’s license is a true privilege, and that an automobile is a potential 3000+ pound bullet.

We teach that operating a motor vehicle involves potential life-altering decisions each second of this privilege. We believe that this is the most important course that can influence a young person’s future, as well as the biggest responsibility they will have undertaken to date.

An accident or a crash has the potential to take away all that we value most in life: Family, Health, Time, & Money.


Class Education

  • Pro-active, Defensive Driving Skills
  • Safety Belts and Airbag Safety
  • Emergency Evasive Maneuvers
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • Basic Rules and Regulations
  • FREE Family Training Seminar
  • (30) Hours of Classroom Study as per Louisiana Law
  • FREE Louisiana Guide Book
  • FREE Online Practice Test
  • We also offer a FREE Online Test that would let you prepare for OMV exam. Now you can test yourself any time absolutely FREE. Click here to take a test. In order to pass the Theoretical Instruction, the student must attain a total score of 80%.

Behind The Wheel Training

This is a critical part of the student’s training. As it should be with any laboratory training, we drive immediately after the class training no long delays. We exclusively use safety-proven Nissan Versa vehicles with dual-controls, anti-lock brakes and front and side air bags.

ONE on ONE Instruction (we do not put 2 teens in a vehicle)

Individualized Driving Instruction : we progress at your teen’s rate, without any other teens to distract or embarrass them.

Qualified, Trained Instructors : our instructors get more than the training required, and they are continuously retrained.

Specific Lesson Objectives : our instructors do not “cruise” the road aimlessly. We fill each lesson with productivity, ensuring that each minute spent in the vehicle has purpose.

Vehicle Alertness : Instructors teach that the driver is the pilot of the vehicle and it is the driver’s responsibility to know their vehicle. A safe driver knows their vehicle and knows what to do to keep from damaging their vehicle (ie. the significance of the oil light or the temp light).

Intersection Awareness Skills : it’s not the stop sign or traffic light that causes a crash. Few drivers naturally look in the right places to prevent collisions at intersections, thus, over 50% of all crashes happen here.

Space & Time Management : controlling space around your vehicle takes a pro-active driver and discipline. These skills DO NOT happen naturally.

Visual Scanning Skills : training a new driver to look “outside the lines” to find the dangers, then to separate and compromise.

Critical Skills : students get to “experience” anti-lock brakes and off-road recovery, significantly reducing their risks of panicking in a real-life crisis situation.

Push/Pull Steering - Hands at 9 & 3 : how you keep your hands on the wheel have never been more important—especially if your vehicle is equipped with air bags.

Detailed Evaluation : insights from your teen’s instructor as to where they need more attention, practice or more training. Again, we don't leave you out there without given you a "heads-up" as to where your new driver may put you or themselves in danger.

(8) Planned Driving Hours, minimum, of Individual Driving Instruction. The training is done by appointment; each appointment includes two hours of one-on-one driver training.

Insurance Savings

Students who successfully complete both the Theoretical and Practical sections of this instruction can qualify for discounts on insurance premiums. (Check with your insurance agent for details.)


  • Student and parent to be at school about 30 minutes early the first day.
  • Students MUST have on hand a Lousiana OMV Issued Temporary Instruction Permit.
  • Student must be in at least in the 8th grade and be 14 years and at 9 months old first day of classroom.
  • Parent on birth certificate to meet and sign paperwork in front of our personnel. Parent must bring their Drivers License or state issued ID as well.
  • Parent must go through the Parent Orientation before student may start first day of class. The parent may make an appointment to meet with staff during day or after hours or at least 30 minutes before first day of the classroom.


  • Please make plans to attend the required Parent Orientation where we will share information about the class curriculum, behind-the-wheel training, Office of Motor Vehicle licensing process or Graduated Driver's License program.
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